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More buyers. Better results.

Don't let distance, weather or timing ruin your auction turnount. With Anywhere Auctions, you'll know that you're not missing out on potential buyers just because they can't physically attend.


Enhance your auction

The average online property listing gets thousands of views, however only a handful of people turn up on auction day. Anywhere Auctions breaks the mould by allowing potential buyers to bid at your auction online, from anywhere.

Capitalise on our solution to maximise your auction day turnout by opening it up to both on-site and online attendance. Attract buyers that wouldn’t otherwise have attended and get the best possible result for your auction. Cap off a successful auction by completing the sale on the spot with our integrated electronic contract signing.

Contact us now to find out how Anywhere Auctions can deliver a better result for your next auction.

Passed-in? No Problem. Leave no stone unturned with our Passed in Protection feature

If your property is passed in, our passed in protection feature kicks in and we empower everyone watching your auction – whether they are registered bidders or passive watchers – to instantly request a call back to negotiate for a purchase. If you couldn’t strike a deal with the highest bidder, your agent will have a list of interested buyers to negotiate with. Truly leave no stone unturned.


Maximise auction attendance

Reach an untapped market of buyers with Anywhere Auctions and maximise your auction result


See your auctioneer in action

Watch auctioneers in action in your area before you sign up with an agency


Don’t be in the dark

Don’t wait till the end to find out the result. Watch your own auction live and in real time

How do I enhance my auction
With Anywhere Auctions?

To expand your auction online with us, talk to your real estate agent about using Anywhere Auctions as part of your sales strategy, or contact us and we'll get the ball rolling

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